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Glas_Fuchs Müllhalde


I got my adorable budgie pouch from here. Eriko from Japan is a sweetness with a shop full of adorbs. 

Shipping isn’t too bad. It gets here surprisingly quick and not TOO horrible of a price. Japan has the cutest birdy things.

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Frozone getting down

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I get very upset when people don’t take post about suicide seriously enough.
Statistics show that those who talk about suicide are FAR more likely to do it, than those who don’t (and attempt it). So yes, what you say matters. And sometimes that ONE comment can ruin a wall of really nice, and helpful comments.

Please, if you see anyone talking about suicide, please please please!! Tell them to seek professional help! It will help.

Please take it seriously.

Thank you so much for bringing it to attention, as it’s a post like this that actually got me back on track when things seemed to keep going down in a spiral without end, and there were dark dark days on which I honestly thought no one would care if I were to just.. die..

That started back when I were 14 or maybe even when i were younger and I’m almost 21 now… I fought for many many years to get trough a heavy depression.

and it’s so hard, SO SO HARD.

and this image just speaks, so strongly to me it really does..

To people who might read my comment, please never give up, Help is out there and life can turn to get better you just gotta keep trying.. If you give in now you’ll never know if it will..
It cleared up for a great part for me, and there are always people out there that care and love you.


sorry for this long sappy comment

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beginner’s guide to germany

Omg I’m laughing so hard at this

I love being part of this country

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